The Hoge Kempen National Park guarantees 220 km of hiking pleasure. Here you will find as many as 51 signposted walking routes from 3 km to 14 km.

Some of these routes even run directly past Jocomo Parc!

Gnome HIke - sup

Gnome HIke


At 2 km from Jocomo Parc, you will find the gnome path.
This gnome path forms a 3km long walking path where children get to know about gnomes via boards and have to fulfil all kinds of assignments.

This gnome walk is ideal for smaller walkers. The walk can be freely started from the petting zoo in Pietersheim or near the bridge of the water castle in Lanaken.

More information about the gnome path can be found here [Dutch].

Walking with a ranger - sup

Walking with a ranger


Do you want to know the most beautiful places in the National Park and all its secrets? Then go on a trip with a Ranger.
Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month a Ranger is waiting for you at one of the entrance gates of the National Park.

More information about activities with a ranger can be found here [Dutch].

Barefoot path - sup

Barefoot path


Put all your senses and both feet in to observe the special stimuli of wood, stones, treetops, grass, loam and water on a carefully composed trail. Cold and warm, moist and dry, pleasant and tingling alternate during a route of almost 3 km long, which is only accessible on bare feet.

More information about exploring nature on bare feet can be found here [Dutch].